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Academic sculptor

Vito showed first interest in plastic art and painting already in childhood, attending the Primary art school in Bratislava. After graduating the Arts and Crafts school in Bratislava in  1981, he continued his education at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, which he graduated under supervision of masters Ladislav Snopek and Jan Kulich in 1987.

After graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design he took part in numerous sculptural symposiums either at home or abroad, while in 1995 he won the 3rd award at the International Sculptural Symposium in Cagliari, Sardinia. During his three-year stay in Prague from 1996 to 1999 he considerably developed his painting production. At the turn of the century, he took party in several study programmes in Paris (CIDA), where his paintings were exhibited, too. His work was exhibited at dozens of individual or collective exhibitions, and presented at private collections all around the world, including prestigious exhibition halls in the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, Spain, the USA, Italy, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, China and the Czech Republic.


1977 - 1981 SUPŠ, Bratislava - specialisation in woodcutting

1981 - 1987 VŠVU; Bratislava - specialisation in sculpture

Technique and materials

Sculptures - Bronze, wood, acryl, natural stone, aluminium alloys, glass

Painting - Acryl, oil, graphite on paper

Professional activity


1996 - 1999 Prague

1999 - artistic stipendium in Paris CIDA

2001 - artistic stipendium in Paris CIDA

Vito Bojnansky lives and creates in Bratislava, city part of Zahorska Bystrica


1988 -

Salon, Bratislava - Art of youth


2. Triennal of portrait art, Liptovsky Mikulas

Art of youth, Bratislava - Stary Smokovec

Bienalium of current chamber art, GMB Trencin

1990 -

Bienalium of current chamber art, GMB Trencin and Prague

1991 -

Festival of youth, Pyongyang, Korea

Present Slovak sculptural art, China

1992 - 

Artists of the public, Bratislava

Sculpture of the parks of Piestany, Piestany

1993 -

1+4 sculpture, Palais Kaunitz-Wittgenstein, Vienna


Gallery of Vincent Van Gogh, Poprad

Medallion, Budapest

Gallery Aspekt, Gallery of Nitra

After the year..., Digital equipment Slovakia, Bratislava


Gallery Aspekt, Zoemeter, The Netherlands

Slovak Medallion, Prague

Slovak Medallion, Gallery of Cyprian Majernik, Bratislava

Selection of present Slovak scuplture, GMB Trencin

Sculptures and paintings, Info-media, Bratislava


FIDEM, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Slovak Medallion, GMB Trencin

Paintings and sculptures, Caliari, Sardinia

Sculptures, GUP, Prague


Sculptures, Gallery Pyramid, Prague


Sculptures and paintings, Gallery MIRO, Prague

Sculptures, Marienbad

Paintings and Sculptures, Levallois-Paris

Selection of present Slovak sculpture, GMB Trencin


Sculptures, Elis International, Bratislava

III. Biennium of present art, Sanlis, France

Paintings, Gallery Lehalle, Paris


Sculptures and paintings, Gallery SPP, Bratislava


Paintings, Gallery Tourgeville, France

Sculptures, Hunar Gallery, Dubai, UAE

Sculptures and paintings, Gallery Pyramid, Prague


Paintings and sculptures, Vision gallery, California, USA

Sculptures, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nude in Slovak paintings, Gallery SPP, Bratislava


Sculptures, Gallery Modra

Sculptures and paintings, NATKIN PRESS, Paris

Sculptures and paintings,Galerie artdepot PINTNER, Frankfurt


Sculptures and paintings ,Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Paintings, CIDA, Paris


Sculptures, Gallery Lehalle, Paris


Sculptures and paintings, ISTROBANKA

Sculptures and paintings, DANUBIANA


MUSEO CORTILLO MIRAFLORES,Slovak art, Marbella , Spain

HOUSES of ART, Contemporary Slovak art, Marbella , Spain


Rotations, Gallery SPP, Bratislava



Sculptures and paintings, Olga Gallery, Bratislava


Sculptures, Sct. Petersburg, Moscow

Paintings, House of Art, Bratilslava

Spectrum art, Monte Carlo, France


Bojňanský- Brogyányi, TWO IN ONE, Gallery SPP, Bratislava


SK21, Brusel, Belgium


INCONTRO DEL ARTE,Sculpture, Ferrara Spectrum art


Sculpture - Dialogues, Cité international des artes, Paris

Selection of present artists, Warszaw

Salon of artists, ZOYA Museum

 Bust of B.Bjornsson, Reduta, Bratislava


Bust of A.Dubcek, Bukurest


Bust of W.Wilson, MZV Bratislava

Sculpture, UniCredit bank, Bratislava



Sculpture, COCERTO GROSSO, Bratislava 

Paintings and Sculptures, Cultural institute of Slovakia, Prague

W.Wilson award, 12 medals


Sculptures and painting, ELESKO Gallery, Slovakia

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